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How to make the perfect mars bar slice

Make the Perfect Mars Bar Slice


Method: 1: Grease a slice tray 2: Combine Mars Bar and butter in saucepan.Stir constantly over low heat,without boiling,until the mixture is smooth.

3:Stir in Rice Bubbles and press mixture evenly into your greased tray. 4:Melt the chocolate in the microwave on a low setting,stirring every 20-30 seconds.

5:Spread the chocolate evenly over the slice mixture and refrigerate until topping is set. 6:After you've done your master piece you can enjoy your Mars Bar slice peacefully! Enjoy...

  • 90.0g Butter
  • 3.0c Rice bubbles
  • 3x65g Mars Bar chopped
  • 200.0g Milk chocolate