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Step 1: You would want a quiet and peaceful area so you can get some thoughts to your head!

Step 2: Get a notebook or diary and write about your day in key points, this will help you.

Step 3: Add lyrics to your thoughts that you have got and see if it makes sense, if it does well then well done!

Step 4: If you can play a musical instrument well then add a beat and don't leave it plain, make it cool.

Step 5: If you can't play an instrument don't worry, you may have a friend that does and you could do a duet.

Step 6: Once you have done that or you have had enough have a BREAK! You won't think a lot if you don't have a break.

Step 7: If you have an inspiration listen to some of there songs and listen carefully to the lyrics you can hear that they take effort into what they write.

Step 8: If your inspiration is your Mum, Dad, Brother, Sister or even a friend hang out with them and see what inspires them and maybe you just might have something to add to your song.

Step 9: If you take music lessons you may want to write a song with your teacher, that's a good way to build confidence and they could look at the lyrics that you have and tell you how your going.

Step 10: Good luck with your song! I hope to see you rocking with Taylor Swift one day.

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