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Simple percentages is when, if you have 10% it means you divide by 10, 1% is 100, 5% is 10% halved or divided by 20 and 20% is divide by 10 and doubled or divided by 5.

Compound Percentages are when you need to or more simple percentages to create the full compound percentage for instance 37%you would use 3x10 to get 30 and then get 5% to make 35 and then 2x1makes 37

You can find percentages mostly in shops trying to sell there ware's but you can find them in tax's and also in accounting.

...Percentage of a pie also

...Percentage of a pie also

Answer the questions: 10% of 230, 20% of 25, 50% of 280, 25% of 28, 37% of 370, 28% of 360.

Thank you for watching and.... I bet only 30% of the audience now know what percentages are.

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