How to using essential oils for detoxes

Using Essential Oils for Detoxes


Are you looking for a way to help naturally detox your body? If so, you might want to consider using essential oils.

These oils not only smell great, but contain many helpful properties that work to quickly remove toxins inside your body.

Below you’ll find out more about how they are made and some of the best essential oil choices you can use for detoxing your body.

How are Essential Oils Made?

The process for making essential oils is very interesting. Often they are made with a distillation process which is where the materials used for the oil (like oranges, lemon, peppermint, etc.)

are hung over a large pot of boiling water. The steam from this pot then encourages the oils in these materials to be removed. The steam is caught in a jar where it then is put into a tube to cool.

Once it cools down, the water in the tube disappears and leaves behind the oil needed. While this is one of the main methods for creating essential oils,

there are many other ones as well. For instance, pressing the peel or leaves of an item to remove the oil is common in order to make essential oils.

The Best Essential Oils for Detoxing

Lemon This citrus fruit is an excellent way to help remove toxins from the body. Lemons contain anti-inflammatory properties and are packed with antioxidants which can help to rid the body of

harmful particles. Lemon essential oil can also help to remove bacteria, thanks to it being anti-bacterial, which cause illnesses and other health problems.

Lavender This soft smelling plant is well-known for helping to clear many health problems the body might face which can help significantly with the detoxification process. Lavender helps to calm the

body’s nerves which can keep it relaxed. It also helps to improve blood circulation which will encourage blood to keep moving and filter out toxins inside you.

Grapefruit Grapefruit is another great citrus fruit to help remove toxins from your body. Grapefruit essential oil can help to remove toxins that cause weight gain and inflammation.

It can even help to reduce stress which can cause you to feel tense and tired. In addition to this, grapefruit can help to boost your metabolism.

Peppermint is anti-inflammatory so it can work to heal inflamed areas in your body and can also help to keep your lymphatic system running smoothly.

It can even work to help remove toxins that can cause weight gain and cleanse your gallbladder so toxins don’t remain inside you.

Essential oils are a great way to help remove toxins from your body. You can use them on their own or add a few drops to foot detox pads

a special item meant to draw out toxins from your body to help better remove dangerous particles from your body.


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