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How to use slopro

Use Slopro


Goal: how to use slopro. Once you can use slopro you can do lots of videos in slow motion.

1: firstly you have to go onto slopro.

2: take a video by pushing the circle with the red dot in the middle thats on the right side of the page and push it again to stop the video.

3: when it is done, to watch it, you have to go to the little square that's on the very left on the bottom of the page.

4: click on the video you want to watch.

5: once you've watched it, If you want you can edit the video by pushing the button that says 'edit' which is on the top right of the page.

7: when you click edit you can choose if you want the video to go slower or faster by clicking the speed and choosing which speed you want

9: once edited you can watched it again and again and edit it as mush as you want.

Evaluation: now you know how to use slopro have fun making lots of videos.

  • A device (iPad, iPhone, iPod etc)
  • The app slopro