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How to use pet mode using gecko

Use Pet Mode Using Gecko


Pre-conditions - iOS 7 supported iPhone or iPads or Android 4.4 or latest version supported smart phones and Tablets download MyGecko App and install.

Launch MyGecko App.

Register using new account if you are a new user.

Tap on ' I already have an account' if you are an existing user and login using your credentials.

Add your Gecko using + or press on 'Add a Gecko' button in the next screen . Shake your Gecko as per shown in the next screen.

Shake your Gecko

Shake your Gecko

Tap to change the profile to Pet Mode and name it.

Tap to change the profile to Pet Mode and name it.

If Gecko doesn't connect automatically , select the Gecko having the greatest signal strength from the scan list and wait until it gets connected.

When your Gecko is in Pet mode , the profile screen looks as follows. Setting the 'Range' controls when the App will alert you about your pet going away.

You can choose ' location update' when Gecko goes out of range ( disconnects).

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