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How to use perfect tense

Use Perfect Tense


You start by choosing, Je - Tu - Il - Elle - On - Nous - Vous - Ils - Elles is the subject.

Then choose if it's a action verb or not, if it is then you have to choose witch one from Être, then from MRS VAN DER TRAMP.

If it's not then you do Avoir you also change the verb to the past tense, for ER verbs change to É by taking off ER IR verbs change to I by taking off IR RE verbs change to U by taking off U

MRS VAN DER TRAMP Mourir - To die - Mort Retourner - To return - Retourné Sortir - To go out - Sortir Venir - To come - Venu Arriver - To arrive - Arrivé Naître - To be born - Né

MRS VAN DER TRAMP Continued Entrer - To enter - Entré Renter - To return - Rentré Aller - To go - Allé Monter - To go up - Monté Partition - To leave - Parti Descendre - To go down - Descendu

For feminine add E For masculine plural add S For feminine plural add ES

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