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This isn't my photo, but isn't this awesome?

You can use polish to remove polish! Add a coat of clear polish, and let it sit for 10 seconds and wipe :) you may need to do it a few times, but it works :)

Ever have that rust ring from your shaving creams? Put some clear polish in the bottom. It takes just seconds to do, and will prevent you from scrubbing those nasty rust stains :)

Ever had some awesome costume jewelry, but you know they won't last because they must end up tarnishing? Paint a coat of clear polish, and your good to go :)

Small crack in your windshield? Wipe clear polish over both sides of the crack, it will buy you some time by filling in the crack, and preventing it from cracking even more :)

Small rash? No time to go out for ointment? Dab clear polish on the rash, it will kill the organism causing the rash, and it itching :)

Loose screw? Dip it in clear polish :)

I hate the disgusting rust stains around the bottom of my toilet where those two little screws are. Place clear polish on the rusted area, clean any rust :)

Small holes in your screen door? You've guessed it.. Paint on clear polish to eliminate small bugs, or my worst fear BEES from getting in :)

That's it! Don't throw away old polishes, they have so many uses :) And if you haven't read my recent guide on how to restore old polishes, take a look :)

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