How to use a usb

Use a USB


First, plug the USB onto the computer. It's good to have a USB that is 4 gigabytes or more. On the computer it will come up with a little message saying that the USB is in the USB port.

Most of the time there will be an icon that comes up on the desktop. To access the USB, click on the icon and the contents of the USB will come up.

At first, only the folders that have been made will come up. To access all of the other files, click on one of the folders and see what is in there. All the folders will have what you have put there.

To eject the USB on a Mac, drag the icon to the trash and then take out the USB out of the port.

To eject it from a windows computer, click the USB icon down the bottom and click eject. Then take out the USB.

  • USB Stick
  • Computer with USB port