How to update #1

Update #1


To my loyal 56 (and counting) followers, anyone who has read and/or tried my guides, I am making this update for YOU!

I know I have been off for a while- but I promise, it won't be forever! I plan to post more as my spring break approaches, and after that as well. I really enjoy making guides for you all! I wish I

could make them more often, but I have a bit of a full schedule. Beginning next year at a new school takes more preparation than I thought, including tests. On weekends, including this one, I will be

posting more. I have plans, but I have just a little gap that I can commit to making guides. I try to post new guides every week, but it is hard. :/ I apologize if you all have been waiting. I hope

that I won't disappoint you with my guides. But to be sure, please leave requests by messaging me, commenting, or actually requesting. I will get back to you ASAP.

Cheers, Liv 😘😘😜😜

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