How to turn your chapstick into lipstick with makeup

Turn Your Chapstick Into Lipstick With Makeup


For the first step you're going to just need a Chapstick and any type of eyeshadow but the eyeshadow can't have shimmer or sparkle

Just apply your Chapstick

Then grab your eyeshadow(if you want it to look like tinted lip balm apply one that matches your lip color or if you want deep blood red grab that color)

Now with your finger rub the eyeshadow onto your finger and dab the eyeshadow on your lips

And your done. By the way I found out about on YouTube check out her channel its called Andreaschoice

The second that anrdrea said was grab some RED kool aid lick your finger put the powder on you finger and dab on to your lips but be careful it stains for about 24 hours

And that's it. All the information WAS from Andreaschoice on YouTube

  • Chapstick(any)
  • Eyeshadow(not shimmery)