How to turn on a television

Turn on a Television


Take the Television and other accessories out of the box and lay it out on the floor. Make sure it is on a rug so I'm t does not get damaged.

Set your new Television on a table

Now it's time to start plugging in the cords Now plug the power cord in that goes from the TV to the power point then turn it on.

Then plug the Antenna cord into the back of the TV then into the Antenna output in the wall

Grab the Remote and open the back of it and put 2 batteries that are the size that the instructions tell you that the Remote takes then once you've got the batteries put them in the back of the Remote

And put the back on the Remote

Now that everything is plugged in and ready to go. On the Remote press the RED button that says (POWER) on it and that should turn it on.

  • A television
  • The Television Remotes
  • Power to the Television
  • Batteries for the Remote
  • TV Antenna
  • TV Antenna cord
  • TV Antenna outlet