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Tune your strings to E A D G B e using an app on iPhone or a guitar tuner

The thinnest and highest sounding yet closest to the ground string is called number 1 (e) all the way up to the thickest lowest sounding string as number 6 (E)

Follow the string along to the correct tuning peg and imagine stretching an elastic band and pinging it... If the band is stretched more it will make a higher note the same applies to guitar strings.

Pluck the string once per second whilst simultaneously turning the string peg away from you to make it higher or towards you to make it lower.

Try turning the pegs faster if its a long way out of tune, and slower or finer as you are getting closer in pitch to the correct note.

Remember some guitars have tuning pegs on both sides of the neck in which case the ones lower to the ground get tuned the opposite way.

Don't worry you won't break your instrument. You may break a string if its tuned overly tight but these cost pennies individually and I can do another tutorial on changing strings if there's interest.

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  • Tuner or tuning app on phone