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How to tumblr room

Tumblr Room


1:Get pictures from tumblr that inspire you. Get some pics such as, quotes, fashion, etc. Then just print them out. You can just tape them on your wall or get creative! Hint:Creative is the way to go!

2)Hanging Lights/lanterns You can get these anywhere! At craft stores, supplie stores, ect. These really give a tumblr feel to your room! You can put them on top of your bed or anywhere on your wall.

3)Tumblr colors:You want to make your wall stand out so pick any bright colors that you can find. Like mint green, pastel colors, or ocean blue!These colors will really give a tumblr feel to your room

4) Tumblr theme: You definitely want to have a theme for your room. It can be a cute theme, beach theme, fashion theme, or a quote theme,etc. It's all up to you! But always remember to be creative!

Decorating is the fun part of all! This is where you get to be super creative! You can put tumblr signs up like" I woke up like this.Flawless" Or any other famous tumblr quote. Its all up to you!

And your done! I hope this helped! :) Make sure to just have fun with it really cause that's the important thing of all. Make sure to follow me for more guides like this! ily bye! :)

  • Pictures from Tumbr
  • Bright lights
  • Tumblr style colors
  • Decorate
  • Have a tumblr theme