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How to trick people into thinking you've read their mind!

Trick People Into Thinking You've Read Their Mind!


Before you start, write carrot on something and fold it so that no one can see, maybe take off your shoe and put it in, or put it in your wallet or give it to a spectator and make sure they don't peek

Ask your volunteer to write the numbers 1-11 on a sheet of paper going down the page.

Ask them 10 simple questions like, 5+5 15-7 4+3 ect...

When they're done tell them to "read out the answers quickly one after the other then, I'm going to ask you one last question and i want you to say it out loud"

once they're done, quickly tell them to "say the first vegetable that comes into your mind"

Then reveal your prediction!, 90% of people will say carrot!

  • 1.0 Sheet of paper
  • 1.0 Pen
  • 1.0 Volunteer
  • People to be amazed!