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AMG's Radar program aims to establish the most fair and accurate social media reporting system possible, an automated system capable of tracking the marketing support of every employee in real-time.

Long term solutions don't come quick, however after months of development and beta testing, you will be the first team to put Radar to task in the wild. This guide will walk you through setup.

Radar 2.0 features a host of improvements over the first release, including custom applications for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, increased VenueDriver integration and real-time staff dashboards.

As with any new program there will be bugs, unforeseen developments, and internal policies put in place to correct them. We appreciate your patience as we work through them & refine the solution.

Radar is evolving into a companywide initiative to turn mountains of business data into actionable real-time insights. We want it to make your lives easier and welcome any feedback:

This lets Radar pick up every one of your #Hakkasan posts, without you having to change your privacy settings on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram so just anyone can see your posts. Near 100% accuracy.

However there are a few rules and Radar will automatically disqualify your posts if they break them. They are pretty simple. And not negotiable.

Rule #1: Don't try to game the system. Don't use the #Hakkasan hashtag for posts that aren't Hakkasan related. Don't start a 2nd Instagram account with 10 followers and post everything to that.

Rule #2 Engagement is only valid if it's done within 24 hrs of the post. If you go to the page on Friday and like all 15 posts for the week, you will only get credit for those made in the last 24 hrs

Facebook Like: 1 point. Don't be fooled by its low value. The Hakkasan page makes 15-20 like-able posts each week. Those points can add up.

The weekly reporting period starts at 12am Monday morning, no exceptions. You may post whenever you like, however if you make multiple #hakkasan posts within the same hour only the first will count.





  • 1.0 Facebook Account
  • 1.0 Instagram Account
  • 1.0 Twitter Account
  • 1.0 VenueDriver Account