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How to train core strength

Core stability is training of the core Muscles for stability, posture and movement.


Lower back exercises Fit ball leg raise, dead bug and back extension. Working the quadratus lumborum & DLM.

Abdominal exercises Straight leg sit up, fit ball sit up and fit ball V-up.

Oblique exercises for internal and external obliques . Twist n touch & abdominal cycles.

Isometric abdominal exercise. Plank & side plank.

Through core stability training you can improve your body posture and technique. Within your movements you will have better technique and body movement.

Reduces injury and can also form a solid base to build on.

  • 1.0 Fit ball
  • 1.0 Floor Mat
  • 1.0 Dynoband
  • 1.0 Wobble board
  • 1.0 Weights