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I live in California. Some people think California is so beautiful but really it's just as normal as where you live. Comment where you live and tell me you made a guide like this and ill follow you

I sometimes visit Hollywood. Some parts of Hollywood are really nice and other parts not so much. I didn't get to finish so ill follow and look at your guide

Your probably wondering why make this jasmine? I wanted to make this for people who haven't visited California and want to know what it's like.

Hollywood:the Hollywood sign is so nice but you can't go up and see it. Because before you could go up and see and people would jump off and kill them selves

The Chinese theater is so cool but i never went in but I've seen the outside and right outside is where the celebs put their handprints. There's dorthy from the wizard of oz and Johnny depp and more!

The Hollywood walk of fame is the best part I've seen Marilyn Monroes and ozzy Osbornes and Ellen degenerous

If I missed any things you wanted to know comment and ill add. Please make a guide where you tell me things about where you live. DONT give out your adress


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