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The Human Genome Project or HGP as it is abbreviated, was a project that helped scientists discover the blueprints to make the human body.

The HGP started in 1990 in the U.S and cost $2M a year. There were 6 nations involved. France, Germany, Japan, China, the UK and USA.

The HGP is helping humans with inherited disorders, by taking the chromosomes and removing the DNA with the inherited disorder.

However with all good things come bad things. And this list will show you the harm and problems with the HGP.

1. The HGP, whilst sometimes does remove inherited disorders, also brings more harm than good, says several critics. They say that it can cause frustration and anxiety.

2. Scientists from other research groups disagree with the need of the HGP, as it's absurd money and material use is what is ruining the economy, according to the community and scientists.

Also some religious groups in the USA state that the HGP is like acting God and is extremely dangerous to the scientists.

This is my Science homework.

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