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How to tell if a girl likes you (top 10 tips from a girl)

Tell if a Girl Likes You (Top 10 Tips From a Girl)


1. She begins to 'like' your older posts on Facebook (in trickles, so you won't notice), as a result of trying to find out more about you. Tip: That embarrassing middle school class photo? Trash it.

2. She scrunches or smoothes her hair a lot. A subconscious result of nervousness or a conscious attempt to groom herself for you.

3. She puts more effort into looking her best. Tip: Does she add cover up to that pimple she always has? Do her boots seem polished? Her hair always smell nice?

4. She becomes a perfectionist around you. Tip: Sit where you can see her taking notes in class, she will try to make her handwriting incredibly neat and attractive.

5. She is always with others when you're around. She is afraid of looking like a loner.

6. She laughs a lot around you, especially at your jokes. Every girl knows smiling is attractive. Tip: Try the old chicken crosses the road joke, she'll laugh at it!

7.You will constantly find her with you. Tip: During an activity where everyone splits into numbered groups, show your # on your fingers clearly to her. She will make up an excuse to be in that group!

8. She always agrees with you. Tip: Look up her facebook and see things that she has "liked". Deliberately say you do not like one of these things, and she will probably agree in some way.

9. She will try to find out if you're single. Tip: Are you always hanging out with the same girl friend? Make it clear you two are not dating.

10. This is the obvious one: she stares at you a lot. She becomes particularly interested in your build. Tip: have a arm wrestling contest, she'll definitely be watching.

Conclusion: She will try to find out more about you and seem impressive when around you. Make sure she finds out things you want her to find out, and keep your eyes open for any of the top ten signs.

Good luck!

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