How to teach my puppy not to gnaw on hands

Teach My Puppy Not to Gnaw on Hands


The truth is, being a puppy means that it is still growing. For example, moms give babies chew toys to make babies' teeth grow strong and well. Why not with puppies?

Puppies will definitely gnaw on stuff because their teeth aches a lot. That's the reason why a lot of dog owners go out and when they return a part of their favorite sofa is missing.

I recommend for puppy owners to buy a chewing toy, the rubber-like chew toy that smells like bacon. Why? Because it helps the puppy's teeth to grow well, stop the aching eventually, and... them associate the bacon smell with food! Now here's what the dog bone treats are for, they're full of calcium so all the better to give the dog to chew on it!

After going through this guide, i guarantee that your puppy will be a little bit more satisfied. In the future give them dog food that tastes like bacon, cause it's easier for them to know it's food!

Happy living guys! Hope this guide helps!

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