How to take a wrist shot in hockey

Take a Wrist Shot in Hockey


The wrist shot is the most common method of shooting in hockey, and is essential to know how to execute. To begin, place your preferred hand on the middle of your stick, and the other on the nob.

After positioning your hands, stand slightly sideways from where you are aiming with your stick on the forehand holding your puck/ball. Place your feet shoulder-width apart and lightly bend your knees

Now that you are correctly positioned, draw back the puck/ball. Proceed to push forward with your hand in the middle of the stick, and backwards with the one on the nob.

Simultaneously raise the leg that's furthest from your stick so that your weight is distributed onto your balancing foot and stick. This will force your stick to bend, then snap forward into the shot.

In the final sequence of the shot, twist your wrist so that the puck/ball rolls along the blade and end by pointing your stick to where you want it to go. Repeat the technique to master the wrist shot

  • Hockey stick
  • Puck/ball