How to survive



Okay now. This SnapGuide is for mainly people who really want to punch Life, so... Yeah. Some of you guys most probably won't relate but to the ones who do, let's deal with this existential crisis.

Just always know that there is someone that can help you personally. If you feel there is no one, then you're pushing away people that can help you.

Something thing to talk to. A pet or a best friend maybe. Just something that will understand you and accept you. Technically, a pet can't physically understand you but they shut up and listen anyway.

Something that makes you happy. Trust me. The best feeling is to smile with nothing bothering you. To laugh with someone who makes you happy.

You might actually be dealing with something big; grief, bullying... This is where you should talk to someone personally. I can't help you there. Sorry.

School. High school. To survive that, you need people that will support you. Easy. That's it.

Now, if you have doubts about yourself, well, you could do one of three things.

a) You could conquer those things.

b) Understand that all those negative things you think about yourself, turn them positive. I'm not saying brag about yourself because you're so fabulous, but just don't put yourself down.

c) Do them publicly. Example: If you doubt you're a good singer, sing to people you trust and they will give you feed back. If you feel you're talentless, try things.

We all have a place in is world. Even if we don't become famous or whatever. You change the lives of everyone you encountered. And that is simply how to survive.

Please comment. This almost definitely will not effect the lives of anyone whatsoever but yeah.. Life just gets so sad at times that you have to make a SnapGuide on how to have a life worth living.

  • Whatever makes you happy.