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This method to stop your cat crying throughout the night is mostly affective if your cat has just moved homes here or if it's lonely.

Get a nice little room for your cat. Preferably out the back of the house in case this method doesn't work on you. It doesn't matter if you don't have a spare room, you can use a little laundry.

Make sure there's a comfy spot in the room, your cat may decide to sleep there. With my cat, we tried getting him a cat-bed, he totally rejected it. But I heard that's not the case with all cats.

So you can get him a nice comfy cat bed and place it next to the comfy spot, so it knows it has an option. You can set up some snuggly blankets, I know my cat is attached to one. They help a bit.

If this comforts your cat (or just plain tires him out), you might want to put some toys next to his bed. Make sure enough light is getting through to the room because they might get stressed in dark.

At night, try not to make any big or loud noises as this might wake your cat up and he may start crying again. If your holding a party, let him go outside. Don't keep him locked up meowing.

He should get used to this room after a week and will like it. So do not think that after one night if it still cries it won't work. Give it a week or so and he should e sleeping soundly.

Thanks for checking out this guide! Likes and comments would be appreciated. If this doesn't work for your cat, comment below and ill try sort it. MEOW!

  • Spare room, or laundry type rooms
  • Cat
  • Food
  • Snuggly place
  • Toys
  • Blankets (optional
  • Time