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Exfoliation can happen on your body, neck. But for girls, if it occurs on your feet, then you would be desperate to get rid of it, right?

Here are my tips of cautiousness: always have plenty of fluids to start with because your body needs water to keep you not thirsty or your mouth watery.

For example, If you exercise, your body gives off sweat to keep you moist. But only if have water. And sweat is good even though it smells which is why we take a shower.

Buy two exfoliating skin scrub soaps from the supermarket. It rubs off dead skin cells to make you healthy and clean, but only for your feet NOT your body.

Have orange citrus fruits and drinks because they have vitamin C as a fact, Called 'sunpride' tropical or 'Innocent' juice

Have baths to cool your mind and to relax your body. But don't have baths twice per day because then you will have wrinkly fingers and toes.

Apply body lotion such as: Nivea because they have a range of lotions from shower conditioner to sun cream

Any questions? Just ask me.😄

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