How to stay outta trouble in school

Stay Outta Trouble in School


Whenever it's a lesson try a stay quite and not talk to your friends teachers have eyes in the back of there head.

Be ready to get called to answer a question and DONT say idk because she or he will know you weren't listening!

Never talk back to the teacher or ask silly questions for example: Teacher: don't touch ANYTHING you: But we're touching air and the ground! They won't be happy and might even yell at you.

When they say something that the whole class has to do like two pages from the textbook do NOT say no just stay quite or they'll start to talk about how some people don't have a education.

Always try to help the teacher in anyway. They'll think your trying to get better grades and be helpful then they'll start to calm down and not give you the evil eye.

I hope you'll stay outta trouble!

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