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How to start by planting a pea without dirt

Start by Planting a Pea Without Dirt


Step 1- fill your plastic bag with one cup of water.

Step 2- put your pea into the bag.

Step 3- make sure that the plastic bag is sealed tightly so no water comes out.

You will start to see that the pea is starting to open. In 6-7 days, a sprout should be visible.

Once the sprout is about 3 inches long, transport it into the garden or a bigger planting pot.

Be sure to mark the spot in the garden when you've planted it.

This is a neat way to plant peas because you can do it in the wintertime.

WARNING!!!!!! Do not do the same thing with beans, it smells awful!!!!

  • Plastic bag
  • 1.0c Water
  • 1.0 Pea