Cutting right to the chase...there are many ways to cut calories. I will show a few ways to cut extra calories each day easily...

How to cut calories: There are two main ways to cut cals with drinks... 1) Switch to water 2) Dilute drink with water. The first one obviously will cut calories, but have you ever tried the latter?

Try this: take a bottle of Gatorade and poor 1/4 of bottle into a glass. Fill the rest with water. You are now looking at a 30-40 calorie drink, and still taste pretty good!

Calories saved from switching drinks: almost 100-150 calories per day, depending on how many of these drinks you consume on a daily basis. Wow!

How to cut calories: know your stopping point! That seems obvious but in all honesty, if you know that, you can avoid it every time. But if that is tough, here are a few things to help...

1) Try eating on smaller plates: we live in a world that likes to see "happy plates"; to not be wasteful and finish your food. Eating on a smaller plate forces smaller portions, and avoids the coma.

2) One-bread sandwich: Ok, bare with me...everyone likes two pieces of bread, but have you ever tried just one? It'll taste the same, and can cut calories from your day.

3) Chia Seeds: Yep, you read it right. The same seeds that grow chia pets can help control hunger before a meal. Try eating a spoonful of chia seeds 30 mins prior and see how much you DON'T eat!

Calories saved through these steps: once again it depends, but when I did ALL of these, I saved almost 400 calories per day simply because I ate smaller portions of the same food. Feeling good!

There are many more ways, I'm sure, but these are good places to start! Comment and leave your own ways to save! Follow me on twitter and instagram (wdbreazy2089)!

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