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How to sing classical music

Sing Classical Music


Classical music is all about control, by control I mean using your diaphragm to keep your voice steady in order to keep the pitches right.

To use your diaphragm think about pushing the air out from the area below your lungs. Don't use your nose, this will make your voice nasally and annoying to listen to.

Finally choose a song that is within your range. There are many ranges, if you can sing high, you are a soprano. If you sing low, you are a mid, if you song between, you are an alto, if all can sing h

igh and low and between you have a full range which is uncommon but not impossible ( I have a full range.) Now think about producing the words from your mouth as if you wanted to sound fancy.

Do this by rounding your mouth and standing up straight so your diaphragm isn't crushed. Classical is also very smooth. Now listen to my voice as I sing. Listen to how my words sound and control.

Sorry I had a slight sinus infection but you get the jist. Breathing is also a factor in classical music. Depending on the speed, breathing needs to be used at pauses so you can produce the sound.

Ok, good luck and happy singing!!! If you have any questions comment and I'll reply 😌 thank you!!!

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