How to shoot a basketball hoop

Shoot a Basketball Hoop


Step one Hold the ball on the grip and find a place to hold the ball. You must find it and it must be comfortable and the ball should not run.

Step 2 : The form First put your legs shoulder width apart and hold the ball in both your hands. Then move the ball on to your dominant hand's palm. With your palm your fingers are facing your face.

Step 3: Shooting Continuing from turn your elbow so it is like an emu's neck. The neck will be held flicked as you jump. While you are jumping you will bend your knees.

Step 4: Close As a starter you should practice near. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until you are confident enough.

Step 5: Mid Now that you are confident enough to shoot close extend your range. Keep on going one step back and repeat step 2 and 3. Once you have made it 5 times in a row take a step back.

Step 6: Tricks Shots Now that you are comfortable shooting you can try tricks and backwards shoots. A lot of these will not go in. But it is still good to try.

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