How to shampoo your carpet in middletown maryland

Shampoo Your Carpet in Middletown Maryland


Carpet shampooing uses foam to attract dirt and other residue from the carpet fibers. The idea is to spread the foam, allow it to dry and remove it and the dirt residue, leaving the carpet cleaner.

Not all carpet shampoos are created equal however. If a shampoo leaves a sticky residue behind it could end up attracting more grime to the carpets.

Most carpet shampoos are not great detergents, meaning that they cover up dirt more than removing it.---

Some contain a brightener that changes how light reacts with the carpet, making it appear to be cleaner. This brightener can eventually turn to a yellow color.

Carpet shampoo is generally applied by a cylindrical foam machine, which uses compressed air and rotating brushes to apply foam to the carpet,

or by a rotary machine, which sprays the foam directly onto the carpet and then uses a brush to agitate the fibers.

The carpet shampooing method is less effective than some other forms of carpet cleaning techniques, and because brushes are often used to agitate the fibers damage to the carpet can result.

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