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How to set your dslr image settings

Set Your DSLR Image Settings


Before you start taking pictures, it is a good idea to set your image settings on your DSLR. There are a few things to consider: image size, quality and the format.

There are two image formats: JPG and RAW. Unless you are a professional photographer, you always want to use JPG.

RAW picture format is a very detailed format; therefore, the files are very large. They MUST be processed and turned into JPGs before they can be shared with others. This format is used by pros.

Make sure your camera is set to save photos as JPG. In the menu, find the picture format option and change to JPG. Use your manual to find it if you need to.

Image quality is the next setting you need to check. On Nikons, make sure it is set to Fine. This ensures a better quality photo. On Canons, Fine is the smooth pie shape (normal looks like steps).

The last thing is size. Choose either Medium or Large. If you don't want to have to reduce size all the time, set to Medium. If you plan on enlarging the photo for print, set to Large.

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