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How to save your iphone battery with simple steps - ios 7

Save Your iPhone Battery With Simple Steps - iOS 7


Turn your brightness down to a comfortable amount down low.

Turn off unneeded notifications. Go to settings > Notification Centre > Then turn off unneeded notifications for apps

Turn off background app refresh. Go to settings > General > Background app refresh > Off

Do not use Dynamic wallpapers (4s and up). Go to settings > Wallpapers and Brightness > Then use a Static background or one you've saved

Turn off auto fetch for your mail accounts. Go to settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Fetch New Data > Scroll down to "Fetch", and set it to 'manually'

Turn off automatic downloads of music + apps, and updates (new with iOS 7). Go to settings > iTunes and AppStore > Scroll down to automatic downloads and turn all three off

  • 1.0 iDevice running iOS 7