How to save money and enjoy life.

Save Money and Enjoy Life.


For example: I can save $200 a month.

Open 2 saving accounts.

Put $100 on one account. Put the other $100 on the other account.

The first account you use for the important things. Like repairs on your car, or when something gets broken in your house. Only for the important stuff.

The second account is for enjoying your life. Like vacation, a road trip. Doing something special with your friends.

The first year is the hardest part. Try to save on both accounts, but do not use the money. The best part begins in the second year. :-)

The first year you have 2x $1200 on both saving accounts. A total of $2400 💵. That is your buffer money.

The second your the fun starts. Keep saving the same amount of money. When something gets broken. You have the money for it, or at least you have a part of the money you need.

For the fun and relaxing, like a vacation or a road trip, you have the money on your other account. Or at least a part of it.

When you can save more, still use this same formulae.

I hope this was a good tip for you. Please leave comments if you do this another way or have other tips on saving money😄

  • Money. The amount it is different for everyone.