How to samba



O que e Samba? E música fixe! That means 'what is Samba? It is cool music!' in Brazilian or portuguese.

Where did Samba originate from? Samba originated from African origin maybe thousands of years ago. No one knows when, as it isn't recorded in any scriptures.

What are the instruments? Surdo-Bass Drum|Repinique-Metal shell drum|caixa/snare- Double-headed drum|Tamborim- Single-headed drum|Bells|Chocalhos-Metal shaker|Timba- Hand drum|cuíca-Honker etc...

All around the internet you can find brilliant videos on samba, especially the call and response dances. The call and response means that one leader stands at the front of the entire groups or groups.

The leader is usually facing the group. He or she uses an instrument call the Apito. Which is both Spanish and Portuguese for whistle. When the leader plays a not on the whistle, the entire group play

their instruments. Some times the performance isn't rehearsed. They play samba in the roads, leading down streets and wide alleyways. They play at the beginning of the day, until the end of the day.

Also want to hear an amazing fact? Samba is popular in Japan! That's 17,360 KM and very well known! Perhaps samba is popular everywhere but masquerading as some other name.

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