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How to ride a hover board

Ride a Hover Board


Make sure that your board is safely calibrated. Lift up the wheel and press against the foot pad using your hand. The wheel should be spinning without the board shaking.

Use the correct safety gear. Like riding a skateboard or bike, it is recommended that you wear a helmet at the very least. Also, have a spotter around until you are comfortable using it safely.

Master getting on and off. Your body should be straight (including your knees), your feet in a wide stance, and your toes and heals should be evenly placed on your hover board.

Look straight ahead. Many accidents happen because people look down at their feet. Keep our head straight to maintain proper balance.

Step back when getting off. Don’t step forward because this will cause the board to slip out from under your feet. Step back with your dominant foot first and then step off completely.

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