I'm reviewing eragon by Christopher Paolini

I love everything about this book. So to start it off I will say that I recommend everyone of you who see this snapguide that you read this series

Okay so if you want to read this book continue or if you have you should, but to start this all off eragon is the boy in this story. He lives with his uncle and cousin in Carvahall.

Well they live in the country like 10 miles away from there. Anyways he doesn't know who his dad was and his mom dropped him off at his uncle when he was a new born. Nobody knew who his father was.

He finds this stone and finds out it was a dragon egg once it hatches. He names her saphira and they go on crazy adventures. And hint hint saphira is a boss and demanding

And if you want to find out more read the eragon

See you next time when I review twilight

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