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How to remove the sticky things after removing a tape

Remove the Sticky Things After Removing a Tape


Get that item with the sticky thingy.

Then, grab 1 cotton ball, add Nail Polish Remover/ Baby oil into the cotton. (Idk if it will work w/ the baby oil, but I used The Remover)

Wipe it off using the cotton w/ remover/oil.

Repeat until sticky thingies get off the item.

-OPTIONAL- Get another cotton ball, add alcohol (or maybe your fave cologne/perfume) and wipe it on the item to get rid of the smell!

Sorry, it's my first guide. So please bear with me!

  • 1.0 Nail Polish Remover or
  • 1.0 Baby oil
  • 2.0 Cotton balls
  • 1.0 Alcohol (optional)