How to remove nail polish from almost everything.

Remove Nail Polish From Almost Everything.


How to remove polish from WOOD: Accidentally bump the table and knock nail polish on the floor? Don't fret! Just grab some hair spray and spray that spot for 20 seconds and repeat as necessary.

How to remove polish from CLOTH: Having a nail polish fight in your best dress? Don't worry, just use remover or dry cleaning solvent. Easy!

HAIR: Did your brother pour nail polish on your head while you were sleeping again? Oil your hair or use conditioner to remove if the polish is dry, but if it is wet, or non acetone remover.

Felt like dropping a nail polish bottle on the carpet? It's fine, just clean it up. For dark carpet: Hairspray or rubbing alcohol, then blot. Light carpet: Non acetone remover!

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  • Hair spray
  • Non acetone polish remover
  • Rubbing alcohol