How to reduce weight easily n quickly

Reduce Weight Easily N Quickly


The first step is drink ALOT of water. Just keep drinking water. Because when ALOT of water is consumed, it will fill up the capacity of your stomach.

And since water has no calories, your not gaining weight. So you'll feel full without gaining anything. And you wouldn't wanna eat, because you feel full. If that's confusing just ask.

Step 2 is to take a shower in cold water. That way your body will try to stay warm by burning calories. And you'll be losing pounds 😁

Step 3 is to laugh. Laughing also burns calories. So visit your best friend today and talk about how weird people's butts can be. Just a suggestion. (;

Step4 is to exercise daily. And you all know how that helps so no need to explain. Oh! And also eat healthy. I'll bring my grandma over to make sure you do. Kidding.

And beta good body. Bye!

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