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Credit cards can be the best thing when you don't have money on hand. But your worst enemy when you build up more debt then money your bringing in.

Step one pay off any high interest debt first including money owed to the IRS or credit cards with outrageous interest rates. THIS IS KEY

Step 2 pay yourself first. Allow ten percent of your check to go to yourself and you can use that to pay extra on your credit card.

Step 3: do not over spend if you must do it on a low interest card.

Step 4 pay every payment on time within the grace period.

Step 5 do not fee like just because someone has something you need it live beneath your means and pay off the debt.

Step 6 enjoy being debt free take these tips apply them to your life and build credit by paying your cards on time every month DO NOT MISS ONE PAYMENT

  • Motivation
  • Job
  • Money
  • Debt