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How to read the bible

Read the Bible


Time line first part

Time line first part

Time line second part

Time line second part

Why the land of Canaan was important. The land of Canaan was important because it was where Africa, Europe and Asia could trade, it was also called The Land Bridge.

Understanding the bible. Part 1. The bible is cut into two sections the Old Testament before Jesus and New Testament after Jesus.

Understanding the bible part 2. The Bible is not just a book it is a library, with many sections of history, poetry, law, minor and major prophets.

Understanding the bible part 3. The Bible is not all true, this is because it the language has been changed from Oral to Aramaic to Greek to Latin,

Understanding the bible part 3.5. and to English so the translation has been changed but stories still keep their morals.

Understanding the bible part 4. In the bible there are different styles of writing, one of the writing styles is Myths, in that category Myths, you will find,

Questions 7 and 8 part 1 The Christians mean by "The bible is inspired" is when the stories have meaning because they may not be true.

Question 7 and 8 part 2. The catholic understanding of the word truth is when you are pure to God.

Understanding the bible part 4.5. The Creation Story, you will find this story in the category of Myths because it tries to explain how the universe was created.

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