How to read the bible

Read the Bible


To look up a verse you can look up a verse in the bible with the tabs on the side and look for who or what you are looking for

This is a map of the land of the Old Testament

This is a map of the land of the Old Testament

The land of canon was an important land because it was acting like the land bridge. Also cannon was the chain link between the other places

The bible is not really true though some is true but most of the bible text is not real

The New Testament is made up of 4 books or gospels about the life of jesus.many story's in the gospels are Similar but they have a unique view of Jesus

God helped all the people who wrote the bible and inspired them to keep the writing the bible. Through the time the bible story has changed a tiny bit. We have now a better under standing of the bible

The chances of language is: Greek to Latin and then Latin to English

As you would have though there was a lot of problems

I think that this represents that there is not just one big book in the bible

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