How to read a bible

Read a Bible


Canaan was the land that was promised to Abraham. It took nearly 400 years for him to arrive at Canaan. Unfortunately Moses died just before he can reach the land of Canaan.

Q7. When people speak of the Bible as inspired, they are referring to the fact that God influenced the human authors of the Scriptures in such a way that what they wrote was the very Word of God.

Q8. The Catholic understanding is that Jesus is Truth and Jesus established a Church. Also that Jesus taught his disciples the fullness of Truth.

Narrative: A narrative is a story that is made up by ever the story teller or the story writer.

The four gospels are our major source of information about Jesus. There are many similarities between them. The four accounts together give us a rich portrait of Jesus

Written – Tablets/Scrolls -> Hebrew/Aramaic Issues – different/Chinese Translated (1) – ‘Septuagint’ - Ancient Greek Translation – issues – Matching words, Meaning scrolls and Easier to be age.

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