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Go to Your local livestock supplier & purchase however many baby chicks you plan on raising (I recommend 5). Also purchase an enclosure, chicken feed, & a water dispenser for your baby chicks.

In terms of breeds I recommend : Australorp, Rhode Island Red, Leghorn Or New Hampshire as they are ideal for backyard environments.

The Basic Needs For All Birds Are : Accessible Food & Water, Area To Fly Within, Shelter Which Does Not Harm, Fresh Air & Light, Protection From Predators & Diseases. Rapid Care Of Injury / Disease.

Now you will need to set up an area for your chickens...

You can either make your own chicken coop or purchase one from a store.

Make sure your chicken coop is long lasting & a suitable environment for your chickens. It must have shade, light, a nesting area for each chicken & a food & water outlet.

Here is an example of a home made chicken coop...

Here is an example of a home made chicken coop...

Now to buy your chickens... (Remember to try & buy one of the recommended breeds.)

An average baby chick will cost around $3 AUS. A fully grown chicken will set you back about $35 AUS.

You will need to set up a food & water outlet like so...

Food & Water outlets in a chicken coop...

Food & Water outlets in a chicken coop...

Once you have purchased your chicks / chickens you should release them into your yard for a good amount of time to let the familiarise themselves with your home.

When you have let the chickens have a run around you should put them in their coop so they can rest & lay eggs.

You must refill both outlets each day so the chickens may eat or drink whenever they need to.

  • 1.0 A Chicken Enclosure
  • 5.0 Chickens (From A Trusted Distributor)
  • 1.0kg Bag Of Chicken Feed (Give Some Of It Every Day)
  • 1.0 Water Supply (Chickens Need It Every Day)
  • 1.0kg Hay / Straw
  • 20.0m Back Yard / Paddock Area