How to raise chickens

Raise Chickens


First set up a chicken coop with a pen surrounded in mesh if you wish. Then set up the feeder and drinking source. After that is all done you can release the chickens

If your chickens like their new spot you need to fill up their feeder and water source once every day and pluck any dead feathers if there are any

Make sure you keep the chickens inside under a light to keep them warm at night if you don't they will get sick and die

Make sure you let your chickens out during the day otherwise they will not be able to eat grass or hunt for worms

In your chicken coop you need to make sure you have an elevated perch and nesting boxes so the chickens can lay eggs and perch and also feel safe and that's about it I hope you found this guide a help

  • You will need a
  • Chciken coop
  • A feeder
  • Something for them to drink out of
  • 5.0 Chickens