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How to quit biting your nails

Quit Biting Your Nails


I saw this request, and I'm going to try to help. I used to bite my nails, like a nervous habit. I've broken that habit though, I hope this helps you too.

This first trick might be a bit painful, but it works, if you can handle the heat ­čśä if you have something hot (not hot sauce), like jalape├▒os or peppers, put that on the end of your nail

And when you go to bite your nail, you won't. Because the spicy taste will hit your mouth, and eventually, you won't bite your nail. I meant the juice of the pepper or jalape├▒o, just to clear that up

That last sentence was: just to clear that up. In case that didn't show up. Next thing to try is nail polish, if you are a girl and bite you nails this works perfect (mostly).

Get a really pretty polish (or go to a nail salon and get your nails done), and paint them. Now they're so FABALUS you won't want to bite them! Sometimes, any way. That word up there

Is pronounced: Fab-Uh-Lis You can also get cheap nail polish (it doesn't have to look cheap though) and they usually taste and smell bad when you want to bite them ( I know from experience)

( that last word was experience) ) If you are a guy OR girl biting his/her nails, do this: put duct tape on the end of all your nails, until you have to go somewhere away for your house

Your nails will be protected, but it looks tacky going out somewhere like that, so be aware if you do that trick, it might stick (hee hee that rhymed)

If you have a child doing this, here's what you can do. You can paint her nails, (can't think of much more) and/or tell her that (if it is a young child) you'll get her something new....

Like a new toy or a few dollars if she goes with out biting them over a period of time (that you chose) or you can do anything like that.

If it is a young boy, do the same thing (don't paint his nails) <--- that might be obvious to you, but still. That is all I have for now, ther will be a part 2 of this guide..

In hope this helps you all, if it doesn't , then check out part 2 coming out soon. It will have more ideas and tell you how to handle a young boy biting his nails (if you have a child)

Bye! If this helped, leave a like, comment, or follow me if this saved your life! Love you all, bye! ( until part 2)

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