How to pull a prank without getting caught

Pull a Prank Without Getting Caught


First of all i played these pranks on my sister. Be careful of pulling them on people who wont be as forgiving ( my sister only slugged me twice)

Go to settings on the victims phone (muahaha!!) and then go to general.

Select keyboard and then scroll down to shortcuts

Next the devious part:change all the words you can think of to one word;I did NUU because I don't know why.Please make sure they notice and stop before its too late. Important things =not a good time

Next prank: When someone isnt home, is sleeping or isnt in their room at all, cover the doorway with plastic wrap! Plastic wrap works, and cant be torn easily. Make sure to precut so u dont get caught

The last prank is first practice taking things from peoples pockets ( not strangers pockets) people in loose pants or shorts works best

Then, when you are good, find a friend or family member and take their phone or wallet from their pocket... Wait ten or so minutes then ask to borrow their phone or wallet. Works like a charm!

They'll realize, and try not to start smiling!! Don't let them panic too long though, give it back after a couple of minutes

If any of these seem wrong, just give me ur feedback... Thanks for watching!

  • 1.0bnch Imagination
  • 5.0 Quiet feet
  • wrapping paper
  • Pickpocketing skills
  • Victims!!!