How to prevent your iphone from getting too hot

Prevent Your iPhone From Getting Too Hot


In this tutorial we will show you how to keep your iPhone running cool.

Your iPhone is Definitely a hot tech gadget. But when it gets to warm it can be uncomfortable to use. Here are a few tips that can help you keep it cool.

The first tip is Remove the case. Sounds obvious but taking the iPhone out of a case will help it keep cool.

Don’t leave it in a car. Temperatures can rise in parked cars quite rapidly. Take the iPhone with you when parked.

Avoid sunlight. Unless you’re somewhere extremely hot this may be a bit extreme. But if you’re on holiday then keep the iPhone in a bag.

Stop using Bluetooth. Turn off bluetooth because it provides an additional source of heat.

Turn off Location Services. GPS is one item that heats up the iPad the most. Turn it using Settings > Privacy > Off.

Avoid charging while you using your iPhone. Charging heats up the device, so avoid charging if you’re in a hot area.

Turn on AirPlane mode. You can keep the iPhone running cooler in AirPlay mode, which turns off GPS, Bluetooth, WiFi and Cellular data.

Turn it off. It’s extreme but if you’re worried about overheating then keeping the iPhone switched off when not in use can help. Hold down the Sleep/Wake button and slide to power off the device.

These tips can help your iPhone cool down quickly.

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