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How to prepare for exam day

Prepare for Exam Day


Pick out a comfortable outfit the night before.Some suggestions for what to wear are tennis shoes,loose jeans,sweatpants,sweatshirt,t-shirt.You can pick things out of this list and pair them up.

The day before the exam I recommend studying.Teachers usually tell you what to study or give out study guides and reviews to study.Study as much as you can to make sure you are ready.

Make sure your school bag is packed up and ready to go so you will be on time and know where everything is in the morning.

I recommend setting an alarm so that you won't be late.

The night before the exam day I suggest choosing what you would like for breakfast.It should be something healthy and light.

The night before I really recommend that you go to bed earlier than usual.If you aren't tired and you finished all of the other steps just lay in bed and relax.You'll be asleep before you know it.

These next few steps are going to be steps to do on exam day.

On exam day study as much as you can throughout the day before your test.

Before you leave for school try to find a snack to take with you.You can eat it during lunch so you won't be hungry while testing.Also try to bring a water bottle to keep you hydrated.

I also suggest eating a healthy breakfast.

When it is lunch time get something good that will give you lots of energy for the rest of the day.Now is the time to enjoy the snack you packed earlier.

Before the test be sure to silence your phone or tablet to avoid distractions to you or others taking the exam.

The morning of the test do a simple pulled back hairstyle.

Before you leave be sure to grab a jacket unless you already have a sweatshirt.

These last few steps are just tips to use while taking the test.

Stay focused during the test.

Take your time on the test.

Think positive thoughts during the test.

Try your best on the test.

Thanks for checking out this guide and good luck on exams.

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